Cakes From Scratch…Homemade Wreaths…Somebody Save Me.

I am clearly in the nesting stage of this pregnancy.

At 6:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, my girls were playing play-doh at the kitchen table.

This is unusual because, normally, my husband and I avoid play-doh at all costs.  It gets stuck to the table and all over the floor and…well, it’s just a mess.  However, I allowed it on Saturday morning because I had an insane need to bake a cake…from scratch…at 6:00 a.m.  I’m sorry, Nancy, I just.couldn’

So, I did…

Then, the girls and I, decorated the Christmas tree.  Well, I put the hooks on the ornaments and the girls hung them on the tree…which is why the bottom half of my tree got all of the ornament love.

Then, during nap time, I put together a baby swing.  Because, after all, I am having a baby in 23 days.

And then…after nap time…the girls and I took all of the goodies we had purchased at the arts and crafts store and created a lovely homemade Christmas wreath for our front door.

Clearly I’m nesting…our home is ready for its newest resident.

And, just for the record, that may or may not be my boss’ office that I borrowed for a moment to take a picture.

5 thoughts on “Cakes From Scratch…Homemade Wreaths…Somebody Save Me.

  1. I love the tree & decorations & the wreath! The cake looks yummy. Way to go on putting the swing together! You look fabulous!

  2. I’m cracking up! Love your pic…you are one of the cutest prego people I’ve ever seen. Be honest, though, did you make a homemade cake b/c you were impressed with my mad homemade tortilla skills?! LOL! JK. Can’t wait for this little girl to arrive!

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