My Lord

But Zion said…my Lord has forgotten me. – Isaiah 49:14

My Lord.

Not the great God of the universe.  Not the glorious King of kings.  Oh, He is all of those things and more.  However, when it hurts the most is when it feels as if my Lord has forgotten me.  The One that I have loved and sought and have so desperately wanted to please…

My Lord has forgotten me.  I think I know that feeling.

David knew the feeling…

How long, O Lord?  Will You forget me forever? – Psalm 13:1

I am forgotten like a dead man, out of mind… – Psalm 31:12

Jeremiah felt it on behalf of the people of Jerusalem…

Why do You forget us forever… – Lamentations 5:20

My Lord has forgotten me.

Yes…I know the feeling.  But that is all it is…a feeling.  It is not fact.  The facts are that, according the Scripture, a mother may forget the very child she is nursing…

Yet I will not forget you. – Isaiah 49:15

That is the Lord’s promise to us.  That is my Lord’s promise to me.

I. will. not. forget. you.

See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands… – Isaiah 49:16

We are ever on His mind.  Our cries always reach His ears.  Our pain is His pain.

We are precious…honored…and loved (Isaiah 43:4.)

When I feel that…My Lord has forgotten me…I will hear Him say…I will not forget you.

Then I will know…and believe…and understand that He is God (Isaiah 43:10.)

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