Precious in His Sight

I have always loved Psalm 45:11…

The King is enthralled by your beauty… – Psalm 45:11

The idea that the Lord would find us beautiful…it just speaks to a woman’s heart.  It definitely speaks to this woman’s heart.  Yet, I know that the beauty the Lord is seeing is not on the outside.  I came across this verse a couple of weeks ago and have been meditating on it…

Instead, it (beauty) should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. – 1 Peter 3:4 NIV

The New King James Version says that such a spirit is precious in the sight of God. I, for one, want to be precious in the sight of God.  I want to have a gentle spirit.

I looked up the word gentle in a couple of study guides and found that it is referring to meekness and humility.  It means to have a spirit within us that trusts in the goodness of God and in His control over any situation.  The gentle person is not occupied with self at all.

To trust that God is good…to give complete control over my life to Him…to not be occupied with myself…to seek to serve…to be gentle…that is precious in the sight of God.

The word translated gentle here is the same word used to refer to Jesus.

…for I am gentle and humble in heart… – Matthew 11:29

…See, your King comes to you, gentle and riding on a donkey… – Matthew 21:5

No wonder that we are precious in His sight when we are gentle and meek and trusting…we remind Him of His Son.  And He finds us beautiful.

He finds me beautiful when I trust in His goodness…

He finds me beautiful when I accept His control over my situation…

He finds me beautiful when I am not occupied with myself at all.

As I was doing a little research on the word beautiful…I found a wonderful verse.

Your eyes will see the King in His beauty… – Isaiah 33:17

The One who finds us beautiful will also be found beautiful.  One day, we will see Him as He is and I.can.not.wait.

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  1. Awesome verses! Even when we feel unloved and unattractive – God sees only the beauty of His creation. We discussed this fact at our youth group’s girls’ lock in last week and had the girls make t-shirts that read – “I’m a princess, ’cause my daddy is the King of Kings”

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