Weekend with The Girls

I just love these girls…


I mean…how can I not?  They are adorable!

Emily informed me on Saturday that two of her barbies had gotten married.  Everyone will be happy to know that both ladies picked boys that love Jesus. She then said that she can not wait to see who her daddy will pick for her to marry…yes, apparently we are into arranged marriages…How much is a dowry these days?  I may need to start saving for the appropriate number of goats.

emily easter 09

Ella has become quite the complimenter.  Mommy, you so cute (although, it comes out coot.)  Mommy, you look pretty. Granted, when she says pretty, it sounds like petty…but, I’m quite certain she means pretty.  And, these compliments she gives…I am not swayed by them at all.  I would give her anything she wants anyway. She.is.just.that.coot.

Ella in Car

And, as if there weren’t enough cuteness in our house…in 10 weeks and 2 days…Sarah will be here!

28 weeks

4 thoughts on “Weekend with The Girls

  1. YAY for your precious girls! I’ll have you know that my boys don’t doll out compliments so easily. They are more into playing and being friends. O often asks if I can be his best friend, though, which is more important to him that playing with trains or star wars men, so I’m okay with that.
    And let’s talk about those arranged marriages! I think 3 goats will suffice… 🙂

  2. Yes, they are quite precious. :o)

    When my girls were little, they — and their dolls — they would get married, then the husbands would die so they could get a new one. They “killed off” several apiece, they now tell me. Little girls are funny.

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