Promises, Promises

Driving home from work the other day I heard a commercial on the radio for a debt consolidation company.  You know…those folks who always have your best interests at heart?  Well, this is the promise they gave to all who were listening to their commercial…If you have a job and $200 per month, we will remove the stress from your life.


Job?  Check.

$200 per month?  Check.

Stress free life?  Sign.Me.Up.

Seemed like a pretty good deal to me.  I have this nagging suspicion, however, that they may not actually be able to follow through on that grand promise of a stress free life.

Fast forward to Wednesday at lunch…

A friend and I went to one of our new favorite joints downtown…a wonderful little meat and three with the best mashed potatoes ever.  We were a little late leaving the office, so the entire parking lot was full.  We ended up in this little gas station across the street.  There were no signs…okay, none that we saw at the time…saying that it was private parking.  So, I pull way in the back next to the pay phones and we head over for lunch.

After lunch, we return to the car and comment on what a great parking place we had…and, then, I see a tiny piece of paper on my windshield.  Your tag has been recorded as illegally parked and your vehicle will be towed. We quickly left the gas station and, for the rest of the day, I had this fear that someone would come to my house and tow my car away.

It was a healthy fear…a legitimate fear.  After all, they had the power to do what they promised to do.

That is the difference between the world and God.  The world makes empty promises with no power to follow through. Promises of happiness.  Promises of a stress free life.  Promises…but, no power.

Too often, we view God this way.  He seems nice.  Great promises.  We have the wouldn’t it be great if that were true mentality.

How would we live differently if we would accept that He can do everything He says He can do?  If we would believe that He is everything He claims to be?

Because He can.

And He is.

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