Oh, Appendix…You did me wrong.

Where does one even start when you have dropped off the face of the earth for six weeks?

Should I go into the details of the burst appendix, emergency surgery and near death experience?

Do I want to rehash the horror that was my FaceBook page being hacked into while I am in the hospital with my stomach being pumped?

Maybe I will share the miracle that the precious life inside of me has been unharmed by the $22,000 (this is not an exaggeration…I have the bill) worth of drugs that were pumped through my body for 13 days…

Or I could possibly go on and on about how grateful I am for the insurance that covered the vast majority of the $89,000 hospital bill I received which did not even include any of the numerous doctors and surgeons who took care of me…

I think, instead, I will just say that it is good to be back and I will be back in my posting routine soon…

6 thoughts on “Oh, Appendix…You did me wrong.

  1. I can not believe how expensive your hospital bill is! Wow! Thank goodness for insurance! Did you know about your facebook account before I texted you? I felt violated so I can’t even begin to imagine how YOU felt! Glad to see you’re using twitter now. Guess that’s how I’ll keep up with you 🙂

    Glad you’re back in the bloggy world…


  2. I did not know until you texted me. However, within minutes, I had about ten people trying to explain to me how to remove “the pictures” from my page. 🙂


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