Gratituesday: Friends and Dominoes


Did you know that there is actually a game that you are supposed to play with dominoes?  I always thought that the sole purpose of dominoes was this…

I thought the point behind them was to stand them up in neat arrangements and knock them down again.  The dots?  Merely decorative.

But, no, there is actually a game…and it is so much fun.  We got together with some friends the other night and played Dominoes and had a blast. 

That is something else that is fun…friends.  God has been so gracious to place some new friends in our lives this past year…good Christian friends that we can play games with or have deep, theological discussions with…or both.

I have grown to love these new friends and our monthly game nights.  Next game night…I’m taking pictures.  So, be warned Robin and Tonya…I’m bringing a camera.  🙂  I love that we are all expecting babies this year and I love that all of our husbands are obsessed with Seinfeld.  It all makes for a fun evening together. 

At a time when it is very easy for me to focus on the things that are going wrong…I really appreciated this post at Heavenly Homemakers for reminding me that there are always things…multiple things…to be thankful for.

Today, I am thankful for everything she mentioned…from running water to hand-me-down clothes.  I would just add to the list…friends and dominoes.

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  1. I am so thankful for new friends as well! I can’t wait until we all have our babies and we can get together for play dates. 🙂

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