Keeping it Real

I am in the process of preparing to facilitate a Bible study at church this fall.  As I struggle with insane amounts of doubt and insecurity, one thought keeps coming to mind…Be genuine.  It has become somewhat of a mantra over recent months for me. 

It all began several months ago when I was asked to participate in an article for an employee publication at work.  The topic was working parents, of which I am one.  I was asked…What would you like to say to other working moms?  Before I could even think about it, I immediately replied…I wish we could all be honest with each other. 

People often tell me that they just don’t know how I do it.  They seem impressed that I work full time, take care of my family and still seem to find time to participate in church and hang out with friends.  In the past, I would feel a sense of pride when folks would say such things.  However, sitting in that booth across from another working mom, I thought…Why can’t we just admit that we are barely keeping our heads above water most days?  Why is it that we feel this need to portray perfection?  It is simply not beneficial…for us or for those around us. 

Here are the facts…1.  We all struggle with some area of insecurity…and 2.  We all think that we are the only ones who struggle with that particular area of insecurity.

So, my goal with this study is simply to keep it real…to be genuine…to admit that –  I have sniffed dirty socks to see if they could be worn one more time…I have painted the nails on only those two toes that happen to show in a particular pair of shoes…I have picked my outfit out based on what did not require me to shave my legs that morning…

And, I refuse to believe that I am the only one…

We go through trials so that our God can ultimately receive glory…but, also, so that our faith may be proved as genuine…and so that we can comfort others with the comfort we have been given.  God never intended for us to live our lives in isolation.  Unfortunately, we are busy trying to convince the world that our lives are great…and, by doing so, we leave our fellow sisters struggling…thinking they are the only ones who can’t seem to pull it together.

Let’s just keep it real…


4 thoughts on “Keeping it Real

  1. Wow. I felt shivers when I read your post. Last evening was the first meeting of the Bible study I am leading. This is so not me, and so very God. Leading anything is completely out of character and out of comfort zone – but I definitely felt God leading me to do so. I’ve been planning this study for two and a half months now and, apart from middle school, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so insecure and ALONE.

    I think we, as women, tend to isolate ourselves by tricking our minds into believing that everyone else has it all together and lives a perfect life while we wallow in the muck and grime of reality. Just recently it occurred to me that by isolating ourselves and believing lies, we’re saving the enemy a lot of work (or maybe he’s hard at work). Jesus worked at connecting with people where they were and had little tolerance for fakery. Oh, that we would strive for the same.

    Didn’t mean to write a book, but it looks as if we’re kind of in the same boat 🙂

  2. Amen, sister.

    I feel like I talk too much, but I do try to be truthful and genuine. I think it scares people a little. I had all kind of great advice for that article when I had been back at work for three weeks. Now my advice would be, “Hire a housekeeper! Don’t blink!”

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