Maybe there’s a point…Maybe there isn’t…

In my early college days I worked at Lowe’s Home Improvement.  It was a great job for a girl who wanted to meet guys to learn the difference between a circular saw and a jig saw.  I was only there a short time before I told the manager to take this job and shove it moved on to better career opportunities…like Ryan’sHello, welcome to Ryan’s.  What can I get you to drink today? 

Yes…I was on the fast path to success…and I smelled like a big, fat yeast roll every night when I got off of work.

Where was I going with this??  There must have been a point…maybe…possibly…

Yes…there was…back to Lowe’s…

There was a man who worked in the lawn and garden department named Ron.  He was a very nice man about my dad’s age who I just instantly liked.  One day, he asked me what I was studying in school and I told him that I was going to be a teacher.  Immediately, he curled his nose and said…That will never work.  You’re too much of a free spirit. 

At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about.  However, the older more experienced at life that I get, it does some how make sense.  I did not end up teaching.  I graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice.  I got a job out of college that I loved…but ended up moving on.  I have a job that I love now, but will soon be moving on.

Part of me worries that, when I am at home with my kids, that restlessness will kick in again.  I loved this post about the fears of going from a working mom to a stay at home mom.  What if this free spirit can not handle three kids all day by herself?  What if I’m…

5 and 1/2 months until I have this baby and make a huge life change…

And, yes, I realize that I quoted a Johnny Paycheck song in this post and the vast majority of people reading will have no idea who I am talking about.   However…I am a truck-driver’s daughter and am prone to speak in country-western lyrics.

So…roll on, eighteen wheeler, roll on

dad and truck

4 thoughts on “Maybe there’s a point…Maybe there isn’t…

  1. Is that your FATHER, the Exide employee, standing next to a truck that says INTERSTATE? lol

    And yes, I realize that none of your faithful readers will get that reference, either. 😉

    But seriously, though, Mother’s Day Out programs were made for that restlessness. 😉 Everyone needs a mental health day or two here or there. And you can volunteer at Emily’s school or update your blog more frequently or clean my house, or any number of things to keep you entertained. 😉 In fact, I have a TON of volunteer work to keep you busy. And you can do it all online from the comfort of your home.

  2. Hi Stacy! Yes, you can handle the kids at home with LOTS of help from sisters around you. Find a group you identify with, keep writing and reading, and find a community that supports you. At least that’s how I survived — with many, many playdate exchanges and quite a few videos, I must admit.
    For me, after getting through the infant stage (and at least you know how that works), the flexibility of motherhood was a wonderful blessing for my “free spirit.” My kids are in school now, and I keep wondering about full time work again, but I love the flexibility to pursue my passions.
    Anyway, thanks for visiting my place and I look forward to getting to know you through our blogs!

  3. you’re pretty dadgum funny, there, stacy jean.

    a couple of points:
    1) you are outstanding at everything you make an effort to do.
    2) God has called you to this… sooo….
    3) You are already a GREAT mom, and that won’t change just cause you do it from home.
    4) you are hot…. that’s unrelated to this post… just thought I’d mention it.

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