Lessons from a man once blind…Part II

Sometimes, when we are in the midst of a difficult time…the worst feeling in the world can be the feeling that God doesn’t hear us…that He is oblivious to our cries.

I think of how many of the psalms begin with a desperate plea to be heard:

Hear me when I call, O God… (Psalm 4)

Give ear to my words, O Lord…(Psalm 5)

Hear a just cause, O Lord…(Psalm 17)

On and on they go…and then there is my favorite:

I love the Lord, because He has heard my voice…(Psalm 116)

Lesson #2:  He Hears

So Jesus stood still and commanded him (Bartimaeus) to be called.  – Mark 10:49

Among all of the people…above all of the noise…amidst all the thoughts that were running through His head…Jesus heard the cries of Bartimaeus.  And He stopped.  And He demanded that His child be brought to Him.

I think back to when I made that decision…when I realized that now was the time to ask Christ to forgive me and take control of this life.  Down on my knees I, like Bartimaeus, was in need of mercy.  And, just like all of those years before, Jesus stopped and commanded that His child be brought to His side.

I sat last night with my two girls and listened to the African Children’s Choir put on an amazing performance.  I sat amazed as a group of orphaned children sang the praises of the One who hears their voice and declared that…before I was born, I was His choice.

Yes…make no mistake…our God hears the cries of His children.

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