Complete Randomness

I am having a hard time thinking these days.  Something about the visions of diapers and doctor bills dancing in my head…

But, I hated to leave my readers hanging…all two of you, so I wanted to post…something.

As I picked up my girls from preschool yesterday, something awful happened…I was asked to organize Teacher Appreciation Week.  I couldn’t say ‘No’.  Well, I could…but, after all, they have been caring for my children for over five years now.  I want to be clear.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate these teachers.  As a matter of fact, I adore them.  But, the thought of randomly calling parents that I may or may not know and asking them to bring food is just not my thing.  I hate calling people.  I will email, text, facebook or twitter all day long…but please do not ask me to call someone.  Yet, now I must.  Of course, this is nothing compared to the fact that my boss is making me walk on stage in front of 15,000 people in June…but that is another story.  Lord have mercy on my poor introverted heart…

My husband and I have said for years that we need to write a book entitled…Things You Never Thought You Would Have To Say To Your Children.  You know, things like:

Please don’t clean your ears with your toes.

Please don’t clean your toes with your fork.

Please don’t eat with your feet.

Please don’t eat out of the garbage can.

You think I kid…

I have always loved Rachel Ray.  She’s Italian.  She’s cute.  She’s funny.  She gets away with using words like stoup and spoonula.  And, if that’s not enough, she knows 35 ways to make Macaroni and Cheese.  However, one thing about her “30 Minutes or Less” show that bothers me is the fact that she is able to make these meals in a quiet kitchen with no interruptions.  By the time I am interrupted to get juice, wipe a nose, referee an argument, etc…that 30 minute meal has taken me 90 minutes.  It’s just not realistic. 

Also…her measuring bothers me.  A pinch of this.  A palmful of that.  Seriously, she is like 5’2″ and I’m 5’8″.  I’m thinking that my palmful is probably going to be bigger than her palmful.  I’m not sure that is really a universal measuring device.  And for a cup of something…she uses her favorite coffee cup.  Um…these are the coffee cups at my house…


I’m not so sure that I could just grab a “coffee cup full” of sugar.  But, I still love watching her.  How can I not?  It’s Rachel Ray…

It is now time for me to go to work where I will struggle all day with the temptation to hop on over to and read an article about 10 foods that prevent morning sickness…

4 thoughts on “Complete Randomness

  1. I have often thought of writing a book entitled, “Don’t Say Never”. It seems these are the very things the Lord asks of me. It is encouraging to see Him ask you to do the “reluctant” things.

  2. I’m the same way about having to call people. I even have to gear myself up to call friends. I much prefer email or texting, but sometimes you just have to break down and call people. I feel your pain. 🙂

  3. LOL about Rachael Ray. So true! I love the feature on about how long it really takes her to make those 30-minute meals with small children running around!

    Thanks for linking to me. 🙂

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