I am who God says I am…


I once heard Beth Moore say something that has really stuck with me over the years.  She said…One of Satan’s greatest tricks is to convince you that you are whatever it is you fear that you are...


Do you fear that you are too weak to handle what you are currently going through? 

Do you fear that you are inadequate as a wife or mother?

Do you fear that you are ill-equipped for the task God has given you?

Do you fear that you are…just not good enough?


It is so important for us to realize that God knows our hearts…but Satan knows our fears…and he is not afraid to use them against us.  The only defense against this tactic of Satan’s is for us to continually remind ourselves who God says we are.  In Beth’s study, Believing God, she made us memorize a pledge.  One of the points in the pledge is…I am who God says I am…

I have been thinking about this topic a lot lately.  I admit, I am prone to a lot of fear and guilt…neither of which are honoring to God who has for freedom set me free (Galatians 5:1.)  So, I have really been praying that God would help me let go of some of the things which Satan has convinced me are true. 

There is an awesome new Bible study out called Me, Myself and Lies.  It is by Jennifer Rothschild and it talks about the lies that we women tell ourselves and the truth of what God says about us.  After much prayer, I have offered to facilitate this class at my church.  This is a little on the crazy side considering that I am, quite possibly, the most introverted person ever!  However, I felt like it was where God was leading me and (to quote my husband) to do anything less would be outright disobedience.

But, wouldn’t you know, as soon as I contacted the appropriate people and began preparing, Satan has attacked me mercilessly.  After all, I have never led anything in my life…what if nobody signs up…what if I have misunderstood God’s leading…what if I make an absolute fool of myself?

I decided that if Satan was bothering me this much…I must be on the right track.  After all, I would much rather make a fool of myself in an attempt to serve God than to sit back in comfort and do nothing for Him.

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  1. I am definitely going to be signing up for that Bible study. I really struggle with feeling inadequate. Thank you Stacy for following God’s leading to facilitate this Bible study. I’m looking forward to it!

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