From the beginning…

Last month, I finally finished my goal to read through the Bible in 90 days…it only took 7 months.  And, for the last couple of weeks, I have been praying about where to go now.  Do I randomly pick a book of the Bible to study?  Do I try to read the Bible chronologically?  Well, every time I prayed, I would feel like God was telling me the same thing…Just start over again.  So, I would pray again and listen for an answer…a different answer, that is.  Seriously…start over?

However, after a couple of weeks of reading aimlessly…(hence, the lack of blog posts recently)…I decided that He is really telling me to just start over.  So…prepare yourselves for new insights from Read through the Bible – Round II.

One thought on “From the beginning…

  1. Good job, reading through! I am working on the Chronological Bible and am keeping up to date–and made it through Numbers and Deuteronomy, so thinking I might make it through this time!


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