A Skittles Moment

In one of Beth’s studies…I think it may be A Woman’s Heart…she tells a story about a woman who lived in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.  She was stranded on the roof of her house with her handicapped son for two days.  When she was finally rescued, she had nothing but the clothes on her back.  This woman was described by all who knew her as a tough lady.  She had endured much in her life and she was a fighter. 

One day, however, as she was entering the football stadium that had been turned into a shelter for Katrina victims…she was stopped by a security guard.  The guard searched her purse and informed her that she would need to hand over the bag of skittles she had because they did not allow outside food into the stadium.  At that moment, the woman had what Beth described as “an absolute fit.”  She proceeded to yell and curse and fight this poor security guard. 

Now, part of me understands…I mean, seriously…the woman had lost all that she had and now they were going to take her candy?  Then, there is the other part of me that wants to say...Hello?  It’s just candy...


Well…this morning, as I drove to work, I had a skittles moment.  When I walked into the school this morning to drop my little ones off, there was a sign that said breakfast would now be served in room 106.  Okay, change of location…no big deal.  Then, as I approach room 106, I am greeted by the teacher at the door who informs me that parents are no longer allowed into the room.  We must stand in the hallway and say our good-byes.  I’ll be honest…this threw me a little.  I mean, I have always heated up the girls’ breakfast myself…poured their little cups of milk…helped them find a seat at the table…kiss, kiss, hug, hug…yada yada.  So, I didn’t know what to do.  The girls walked into the room and I just turned and walked away.  I will admit…I was crying before I got to the car.  I then proceeded to cry and complain all the way to work.

I then thought about Beth’s story and her point behind it…if you don’t turn everything over to God…if you think you’re tough and you can handle the hardships of your life all by yourself…there will come a time when you become a raving lunatic over a bag of skittles…or a slight change in your morning routine. 

See, I have been having a really good couple of months.  I have felt a peace about some major changes and decisions.  Then…I got a little off schedule.  My mornings have not gone as I would like and I have not been able to have my quiet time before work in almost two weeks.  I could feel the stress starting to build.  Yet, I didn’t do anything.  I just kept going on as if I could handle it all myself.  Instead of going to God…admitting that I have wandered a little…telling Him the things I was currently feeling some anxiety about…instead…I find myself crying because I have to kiss my girls good-bye in the hallway instead of in the classroom.

Lord, remind me to turn to you…cast all my cares on you because you care for me…I don’t want to wait until the burden is too much…I want to daily hand my cares over to you so that, when something upsetting comes my way, I do not become so overwhelmed and lose proper perspective.

The LORD is good, a stronghold in a day of distress; He cares for those who take refuge in Him.  – Nahum 1:7

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Why is it that we can make it through the BIG things–and the smaller things soon seem like HUGE things. God is good–all the time!

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