Alabaster Box…Mark 14:3-9

For as long as I can remember…I have loved Jesus.  Before I could fully understand the sacrifice…I was in love with the Savior.  Yet, nothing I have felt in the past can compare with the adoration I feel for Him now. 

I do not think I can even comprehend the pit that God pulled me out of…the depths to which I could have sunk.  You see, I know the path I could have taken had He not intervened.  And the more I understand what He has done for me…the more extravagant my praise of Him becomes…the less I concern myself with whether or not those around me understand the passion I have for Him.

Like Mary, I will take what is most dear to me and lay it at His feet.  I will pour my life out as an offering to be used in whatever way He sees fit.  There will be those who think my praise too extravagant…those who will not understand.  But they were not there the night He found methey don’t know the cost of the oil in my alabaster box…


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