Gratituesday: Ann Taylor Jeans and More…


I have been searching…a long time…for that pair of jeans.  The ones that just make you feel good when you put them on.  The search is over.  Today, I am grateful for three things:

  • I am very grateful for Yaya who gave me a gift card to Ann Taylor Loft for my birthday.

  • I am also grateful for friends who will tell you if a certain pair of jeans make your bottom look good.

   I would post a picture of said friend here, but…well…she would kill me…

and then I would not look so good in the aforementioned jeans.

  • Finally, I am thankful for Ann Taylor and her brilliant sizes-run-big-so-you-must-buy-a-smaller-size-than-you-know-you-are-supposed-to-wear jeans.

American Wash Curvy Boot Leg Jeans

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