Passionate Praise

I have found a fabulous verse right in the middle of Jeremiah…seriously, it is fabulous.

    If I say: I won’t mention Him
    or speak any longer in His name,
    His message becomes a fire burning in my heart, 
    shut up in my bones.
    I become tired of holding it in,
    and I cannot prevail.       – Jeremiah 20:9 HCSB

This is what happens when you have a passion for God.  If, for some reason, you thought you would restrain yourself from speaking of Him…you would find it to be an impossibility…

 As I read the above verse from Jeremiah, I couldn’t help but think…Do I have that kind of passion for His message?  Jeremiah was being persecuted for delivering the Lord’s message to the people.  They did not want to hear what he, or God, had to say and Jeremiah wanted to just quit.  But when he tried…the Word of God was alive and active in his heart and would not let him rest.  He had to deliver God’s message…he could not hold it back.

We were created to give glory to God…that is our purpose.  In Luke 19, we find the disciples rejoicing and praising the Lord.  The Pharisees felt that Jesus should rebuke them for such an extravagant display.  Jesus informed them that, if His people do not praise Him, the very rocks will cry out in praise.  God wants us to be people of passion…but He wants us to be passionate about Him.

Oh, that we all would have that kind of passion for God’s message.  If we had that compulsion to tell others, even those who may not want to hear, the message of the cross…I wonder what kind of changes we would see in our world.

2 thoughts on “Passionate Praise

  1. The Christian band Fee has a song taken directly from that verse. It is called “Burn For You” and it is AWESOME.

    Burn For You:

    There’s a stirring in my heart, unexplainable
    There’s a calling on my days, undeniable
    There’s a fire in my bones, uncontainable
    And it’s causing me to burn
    It’s causing me to burn
    It’s causing me to burn for You

    There’s a passion in my heart for the world to see
    Revival fires burning – great awakening
    There’s a raging fire in side this soul of mine
    And it’s causing me to burn
    It’s causing me to burn
    It’s causing me to burn for You

    I’ll go anywhere
    I’ll do anything
    At any cost for You my king

    To the ends of the earth
    To the ends of the earth
    To the farthest part
    Till every heart has heard

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