My First Bloggy Award!

I was so excited to discover last night that Hayley @ Happy Hawkeye Homeschool House has given me my very first bloggy award…actually two of them, but I don’t like to brag  🙂 !  If you have never been to visit Hayley, you should hop on over and say “Hi.”

This is the first award and I am supposed to list 6 things that I am grateful for and then pass it on to 6 other people.

Six Things That I am Grateful for:

  1. God’s active presence in my life
  2. My husband who loves me unconditionally (and still thinks I’m hot after 6 years and two babies!)
  3. My fabulous children who make me laugh every day
  4. Our home, health and God’s many provisions
  5. Friends – those that I have known for years and the new ones I am meeting every day
  6. My job and a boss who, not only allows me, but encourages me to stay home on days like today when my littles ones are not feeling well.

I am passing this wonderful award of gratitude on to:

  1. My friend of many years, Nancy @ Pilgrim’s Wanderings
  2. My beautiful friend and mommy-to-be Christine.
  3. A lovely lady that I have had the privilege to get to know via the blog world…Jenni @ Live, Laugh, Love.
  4. A seriously funny lady!  Missy @ It’s Almost Naptime.
  5. Not every one could make a weekend with bed bugs fun…only Carrie can do that!
  6. JMom over at Lots of Scotts who always posts something that makes me think and encourages me to be a better mom.

Now for the second award…The Lemonade Award for those who show attitude and gratitude.  I love this one!

You are supposed to pass this to ten bloggers who exhibit good attitude or gratitude.  I am passing this to the six lovely ladies above plus the four beautiful folks below!

  1. Linda can make me laugh any day of the week and I just love her attitude…You will want to bookmark 2nd Cup of Coffee.
  2. Melanie, another extremely funny lady, at Big Mama.
  3. Stephanie at My Life in a Boy’s World for her sense of humor and openess.  You have to see her beauiful family.
  4. Stacy at Whispers of Grace…She is living with perseverence in her quest for Grace.

Thanks, again, Hayley!

2 thoughts on “My First Bloggy Award!

  1. Hi Stacy,
    Congrats to you! As always, I LOVE your blog. You really make me think and help my faith to grow! Praise the Lord!

    Also, thanks for the Lemonade Award! I couldn’t be more honored! You are such a blessing!


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