I’m Letting Go…

Over the holidays, I heard this song for the first time. The chorus immediately tugged at my heart…

I’m letting go
Of the life I planned for me
And my dreams
Losing control
Of my destiny
Feels like I’m falling and that’s what it’s like to believe
So I’m letting go

That may be the hardest part of this Christian walk.  Letting go of the life we planned and envisioned for ourselves.  I wish I could say that it is an easy process but, to be honest, sometimes it is painful.  I want to grow in my faith…I want to deepen my commitment to Christ…I want to be used by Him…  In order to do these things, I have to make the transition from Why can’t I have what I long for? to Okay, God, what is it that You want for me instead?  The reality is, God does not say ‘No’ just because He can or because you caught Him on a bad day.  God says ‘No’ because He has another plan and His plan is always better – not easier, mind you – but better.

I loved the sermon that my pastor preached this past Sunday.  He preached on the basics of the Gospel and one statement that he made was We have been created to give glory and honor to God.  Now, this is not new to me…but, it struck me as something that was not necessarily being exhibited in my attitude when I approached God at times.  When things do not go as I had planned…what I want my attitude to be is – God, how can I use this unexpected (and maybe even unwanted) circumstance to glorify and honor You? 

So, this is where my thoughts have been the last several days.  It was only appropriate that, in my Bible reading yesterday, the passage was Isaiah chapter 26.

Yes, Lord, we wait for You in the path of Your judgements.  Our desire is for Your name and renown.  -Isaiah 26:8

Your name and renown.  Renown is defined as a state of being widely acclaimed and highly honored.  That is my purpose.  All the times that I have pleaded with God to make His will for my life known to me…Do I continue to ask that same question because He is not answering or because I am hoping for a different answer?  His will for my life is not for me to be a stay-at-home mom or a working mom.  His will for my life is not to live here vs there or work one job over another.  Those are all important issues and He will guide us and direct our steps.  His promises regarding that are clear.  But, if I am asking the What is my purpose?  Why am I here? kind of question…I was created to bring glory and honor to the One who created me and to make His name known.


3 thoughts on “I’m Letting Go…

  1. Beautiful! Do you ever ask yourself how these simple truths take such deep thought and meditation to sink in? Or even sometimes years? Well I should say “simple” once we get it, but oh so deep while we are trying to grasp it. There is a verse I memorized 20 years ago that finally came to life recently and I did not even know it had not come to life (in me) yet. Meaning I did not fully understand it to actually live it. Thanks for sharing! Actually, I’ll try to post about it as soon as I can.

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