In the Midnight…

I am so excited to finally reach this particular psalm. This may be the most marked up passage in every Bible I own. It is one of my go-to passages and speaks to a variety of situations. 

After just recently posting about looking to the light, I was amazed to find that this psalm speaks a great deal to times of darkness and to the One is our Light in those times.  As many times as I have read Psalm 119, I have never caught that nor marked any of these verses.  Yet, there they are…

At midnight I will rise to give thanks to You.  – Psalm 119:62

Oddly enough, the first reference to light is the complete lack of it.  After all, it does not get darker than midnight.  I think about those I know (or know of) who are currently making their way through a season of darkness.  I read of those dealing with loss of children, loss of parents, loss of jobs, loss of hope…a lot of people dealing with a lot of darkness.  I think there are two important details in this verse:

  1. It’s dark
  2. The author is down

What do we do when it’s painfully dark and we feel beaten down by life?

  1. We rise
  2. We give thanks

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.  – Psalm 119:105

As I thought about this verse, it occurred to me that darkness is not always a bad thing.  We live in a world of flash and sparkle where materialism is king.  Bigger and brighter is better and what you have is never enough.  Yet, in times of heartache or pain, all of that fades away.  When in darkness, you can not help but be drawn to the Light.  In this verse we are told where to find light.

  1. The Bible will be a source of light in times of darkness
  2. It provides light for our feet and the path we walk upon

I thought it was interesting that it says it is a lamp to my feet.  I thought, Okay, why my feet?  I believe it is because darkness causes fear…and fear can cause us to be frozen in place…

My husband rarely travels.  However, when he does, I hate going to bed at night.  The house is suddenly darker than I remember.  There are noises that I do not ever remember hearing before.  It’s just plain scary.  So, after the girls go to bed, I go into the bedroom and get in bed.  It doesn’t matter that it’s only 7:30 p.m.  I get in the bed and I refuse to move until the sun comes up again. 

Unfortunately, fear does that to us.  We can be moving in a direction that we feel God is leading us and then something happens to scare us.  Circumstances take a bad turn and things begin to get dark and we become frozen in place.  But, if we just stay in the Word during those times, God will provide just enough light on our feet to help us move forward.  Sometimes, the tragedy is so big that we can not imagine how to make it through the next ten years.  God, in His infinite wisdom, just lights the path around our feet.  He knows how best to lead us through the dark times…one step at a time.

The entrance of Your words gives light.  – Psalm 119:130

This is really the same principle as above, but is worth noting.  When you find yourself in a difficult time, do not abandon the Word of God.  Some days, it may be your only source of light.

My eyes are awake through the night watches.  – Psalm 119:148

My nephew recently rode his very first roller coaster.  I am told that he rode most of them with his eyes closed.  That is such a natural response to fear.  The whole “If I can’t see it, then it can’t see me” mentality.  Let me just say, Satan loves that.  If he can get you to be so afraid that 1) you’re frozen in place and 2) your eyes are closed…then he has won.  No matter how dark it appears to be around us, we must keep our eyes open so that we do not miss God at work around us. 

We are told that God will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5.)  So, if we keep our eyes awake, even through the night watches, we will see God do amazing things.

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  1. Hey Stacy,
    Your posts never fail to amaze me. They always hit me right where I am at and not only that I am always amazed at how deeply you can pick apart a verse and have so much insight into a passage. I am at the point in my christian walk where I just sometimes don’t see that deeply into a verse and I wish I did. Sometimes when reading the bible (well actually, usually) I take what I read so literally and your blog teaches me so much in this aspect! Thanks again!
    God Bless,

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