Look to the Light…



I am loving reading through the Psalms. There are just so many valuable little nuggets. I have struggled with how to even blog this part of my journey through the Bible. I mean, it would take forever to discuss each Psalm. But when I read this verse…I just loved it.

He will not fear bad news; his heart is confident, trusting in the Lord.  -Psalm 112:7

I am, by nature, a worrier.  I worry about little things like whether or not to combine my daughters’ birthday parties.  I worry about big things like what kind of world my girls are going to have to face in twenty years.  I just plain worry.  So when I read this psalm, entitled The Traits of the Righteous, and read that He will not fear bad news, I can’t help but think…How?  How does one not fear bad news?  The answer was right there…His heart is confident, trusting in the Lord.  So, I had to think…do I trust God?  I have told God that I’m afraid or sad or happy or grateful, etc.  But, now, in a time when things are not going at all as I expected them to go…I just said out loud…God, I trust you.  Not “I trust you, but…”  Just, God, I trust you.  And, I have to say that a peace just came over me.  It just doesn’t make sense.  The uncertainty of the next several months should have me a nervous wreck.  I should be losing sleep…but I am not… 

Light shines in the darkness for the upright… –Psalm 112:4

I felt like this verse was written specifically for me.  For several weeks, things have not been going according to plan.  At one point, in absolute frustration, I just said…God, you are going to have to show yourself.   I felt like things were just closing in and I was feeling discouraged.  Things were beginning to get…dark.  Then I read this verse and I just had to smile.  What better time for the Light of the World to show Himself…

              Then Jesus spoke to them again: “I am the light of the world.  Anyone who follows Me will never walk in the darkness but will have the light of life.”   –John 8:12

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