Gratituesday: Born to love Jesus



I am so grateful that, despite all of my shortcomings, God is helping me to raise little girls that love Jesus.

At the preschool where the girls attend, they have Bible time each morning.  Yesterday morning, after they had their lesson, they were about to sing their praise song and Emily asked Miss Jean: “Can we just raise our hands while we sing to God?”  The teacher said that all of the other children followed Emily’s lead and raised their hands while they sang. 

Miss Jean said: “I’m Church of Christ and we just don’t do that, but even I was raising my hand for Emily.”  Then Miss Jean said the most wonderful thing…she said “That girl was born to love Jesus.”

Seriously, people, does it get any better than that?

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6 thoughts on “Gratituesday: Born to love Jesus

  1. WOW! Go Emily! That is fantastic! I am so glad that she has a loving heart full of Jesus- and a Mommy and Daddy who are teaching her ALL about HIM! Great Job!

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