Gratituesday: Air Hockey


I just got back from a weekend in Gatlinburg with 20 other ladies.  I had been looking forward to this time away for weeks.  Oh…the fun, the fellowship, the freedom!  It was going to be fabulous!  You know what isn’t fabulous?  Bed bugs.  That’s right, people…bed bugs.  I’m sorry, but I am just not the “sleeping-with-bugs” kind of girl. 

So, after discovering that our cabin was already occupied , we pack up in the middle of the night and are moved to another cabin.  We immediately go to the bedrooms and pull back the sheets to see if there are any little critters already claiming the beds.  No sign of bed bugs…maybe the roaches scared them away.  Ah, you think I kid…afraid not. 

So, needless to say, this head was not touching any pillow in that place.  Nor would I use a blanket.  I laid down, fully clothed, on what I felt to be the safest place for sleeping with one eye open…the air hockey table.  I have never been so happy to see an air hockey table in all my life.  And, I must say, it is not an entirely uncomfortable place to sleep…especially considering the alternatives.  If I ever meet the inventor of that thing – I will be giving them a big hug.

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5 thoughts on “Gratituesday: Air Hockey

  1. Oh my goodness Stacy you are just hilarious. Sorry to hear your weekend had extra “visitors”. I too would have chose the air hockey table!

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