My own special treasure…

I travel on…1 Chronicles 29. 

David is gathering materials for the building of the temple…a project that he is very passionate about.  Something he had longed to do himself, however the task of actually building it was given to his son, Solomon.

  • Sometimes we are not called to a specific task, but we may be called to help the one who has been called…
  • My son Solomon was singled out and chosen by God to do this. But he’s young and untested and the work is huge… -1 Chronicles 29:1

Sometimes, it is hard to see others have something that we ourselves are desperately seeking.  I can’t help but think of a precious friend of mine who has always wanted children.  God, in His wisdom and for reasons I do not know, has not granted that request.  I clearly remember her saying one day over lunch…I decided that I was not going to be that bitter woman who never had children.  What she has done is reach out to single moms in her apartment complex.   As one who has been on the receiving end of her gentleness, wisdom and even some needed sternness, I can testify that she has a mothering spirit about her.  My point is, she could have been bitter.  She could have looked down on a struggling single mom and thought…I could have done better.  Why her and not me? She’s young and inexperienced…

My friend has the same attitude as David…the work is great.  Yes, David would have loved to build the temple.  The task was not given to him.  However, the work was great and David would do all he could to help Solomon fulfill the role God had given him.  I pray that my eyes are open to opportunities around me to help someone fulfill the role God has given them…even if the task they have been given is something I have longed to do myself.

  • We need to give to God the thing our heart holds most dear…

Because I have set my affection on the house of my God, I have given…my own special treasure… – 1 Chronicles 29:3

 I have been pondering this verse for a couple of days now.  I paraphrased it somewhat in my mind…Because God means everything to me, I will entrust Him with my own special treasure. 

Obviously, in this passage, David was speaking of literal treasures…gold, silver, etc. What God desires from us today, however, is our hearts. Our hearts are our treasures and, within our hearts, we all have our own private treasures, don’t we? We have those secret dreams stored in our hearts…maybe even those who know us best are not aware of them. Those special, private treasures. I am sure there are those of us who want so badly to be married. Or we are married, but we so desire children. Or we would love to do some specific thing, but doors are just not opening the way we would like. Maybe it is a hurt that is deep and no one else is aware.  It could be that we are currently in a place of pain and it seems those around us are experiencing a season of peace.  What would it take for us to give our own special treasure to the Lord…to lay it at His feet…Lord, I have held on to this long enough. It is a dream of mine, a desire of my heart…it is my own special treasure. I’m giving it to you. It is yours to do with as you see fit.  What would it take to give it up?  Now, I did not say give up on it…there is a big difference.  I say…give it up.  Hand it over.  Your special treasure is safe in His hands.

  • Giving willingly brings joy…

Then the people rejoiced, for they had offered willingly… – 1 Chronicles 29:9

Webster’s defines ‘willingly’ as without reluctance or hesitation.  One of the things that I have a tendency to be selfish with God regarding is with my time.  Because I am a working mom, I do not have much time at home with my children.  I do not like doing things after work because it would ruin my schedule…dinner would be late, baths would be late, kids would not get to bed on time, tired kids the next morning, etc.  It was just a struggle.  I would often find myself telling God…Well, God, if I were a stay at home mom, I would have time to do a Wednesday night study.  I would feel more inclined to spend time helping with the preschoolers on Sunday morning.  Basically, I was telling God that this was the life He had given me and I just couldn’t give any more. 

A bizarre thing happened, however, when I began to spend time in the Word.  The more I read and learned…the closer I got to Him…the more I set my affection on Him – I was suddenly willing to give of my time.  I guess, now that I type that, my time was my special treasure.  I found myself signing up for a Wednesday evening class knowing that my kids would be up well beyond their bedtime.  And, I must say, I have rejoiced over the time spent in Bible study and the fellowship with other women seeking Him.  Emily has loved children’s choir and will bring you to tears with her rendition of Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord.  Last Sunday, I taught in a 4 year old Sunday School class while the teacher was out of town…something I previously would have avoided at all costs.  Oddly enough, I loved it.  The people rejoiced for they had offered willingly…

  • We can not, for one moment, take our eyes off of Him…

…keep this forever in the intent of the thoughts of the heart of Your people, and fix their hearts toward you.  – 1 Chronicles 29:18

Don’t you know that David loved the children of Israel.  He set an example of giving and they all followed suit.  He saw them giving and rejoicing and he prayed that their hearts would always be fixed on Him.  That is the only way to maintain our zeal for the Lord…we must keep our eyes and hearts fixed on Him.  If we look around us – at the world – we will lose our focus.  Doubt, worry, anxiety will begin to creep in to our hearts.  David had been there.  He was the man after God’s own heart and he was also the man who had committed adultery and murder.  David knew what could happen when you take your eyes off of God…so he prayed Lord, fix their hearts toward you. 

My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast.  – Psalm 57:7

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