Emily and Ella

Emily is loving children’s choir at church.  She has just learned “I have decided to follow Jesus”…of course, she believes it says “I have two sided to follow Jesus.”

Emily loves to put her hands on her hips…cock her head to the side with just enough attitude and say “You better recognize.”

Ella loves to feed us.  She will get a spoon from her kitchen and bring it to you and she won’t leave until you pretend to take a bite.  Then she giggles.  She is SO cute.

Ella has also started doing the Miss America wave everywhere we go and says “Hey” to everyone we pass.  This is so funny as we are grocery shopping, especially when someone refuses to say “Hey” back.  She will just keep yelling at them until they acknowledge her.

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE my girls?!

4 thoughts on “Emily and Ella

  1. I can see it now:

    Ella yelling ‘HEY!’ at some poor defenseless shopper and Emily walking up to said shopper and saying ‘You better recognize!’ when they don’t respond. lol

    Where in the world did she hear THAT? lol You are so gangsta.

  2. SO CUTE! My goodness- I was thinking something very similar to Nancy’s comment! FUNNY!
    Kids are so awesome! Thanks for sharing those funnies!
    Thank you also for your comments 🙂 over at our site- and thank you so much for your prayers!
    take care friend!

  3. Hey Stacy,
    Just letting you know that you won! Yippee, yeah for you! I will get you a hat (just gotta make it first 🙂 You were mostly right, story behind the photo was that Kari (the girl in the middle of that photo) only could spend the first day and a half with us on vacation so in order for her to experience the rest of vacation with us we enlarged a pic, stuck it on a ruler and took “her” with us. Yeah, call us weird but we knew she’d get a kick out of it. We got a few weird looks but it was so fun and worth it! The other “story” behind the photo is that she is from MN and a vikings fan and we all are from WI and gotta cheer on the packers (a little neighbor state rivalry) so we thought we would “take” her to Lambeau field…Anyway, you guessed it and I will get a hat off to ya. If you want to email me where you want it sent I’ll give you my email and you can send the address there and I’ll send it off! stacyngrace@gmail.com

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