Bloggy Friends

I will post something today (possibly) but, in the meantime, visit some of my favorite morning stops…

Hop on over and visit Renee and read about her fabulous family.  She is having a giveaway right now, so you may even win something!  Hurry…go now!

Stop on over and visit Jenni and her family. She has some absolutely Precious children!

Tomorrow is a Huge day for Stacy and Spencer. Please pray for this family as they welcome Isaac and spend a few precious moments with him on this side of heaven.

If you have taken the Beth Moore study Psalms of Ascent then you need to visit Nancy at Pilgrim’s Wanderings.

Also, if you need (or just want) a good laugh this morning…you must visit The Big Mama Blog. I mean, seriously, the name says it all!

Okay, I better stop now…but there are many, many more good ones. Maybe I’ll do a part II later because I can already think of some that I have missed.

Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Bloggy Friends

  1. Hi Stacy,
    Thanks for the comment, but mostly for the prayers! I appreciate it more then you know. It’s amazing to me the connections people can make through the blog world! I’m so appreciative for your thoughts and prayers.

    The long weekend was great, just so tiring (in a good way). I had planned to post from there but my internet connection was sketchy and there just wasn’t much time. Surgical and pain wise I am doing so much better. Thank the Lord for that! Still trying to regain full energy, but otherwise pain is better.

    Thanks again for everything! Will be catching up with blogs soon. My own posting and reading everyone else’s!


  2. Hey Stacy, sorry you didn’t get my comment, I remember being here, but I left SO many comments yesterday, I probably just came and went and thought I left it! HA! I’ve missed a few that way! Thanks so much for posting this on your blog!

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