Gratituesday: My Darling Hubby


Today I am very grateful for a husband who truly loves me. 

For a long time, I thought I would never be married.  I saw too many marriages full of anger and pain and it just didn’t appeal to me.  Oh, but God was smiling the whole time.  He knew he had someone for me and, at the proper time, He would bring us together.  And He did.

  • What I love more than anything else about Michael is that He loves the Lord.  That was such a fervant prayer of mine through college and beyond.  “God, I don’t want someone who just goes to church.  I want someone who is passionate about You.”  And Michael is just that.  Desperate to be in the center of God’s will.
  • The other night we were just lying in bed and he told me I was pretty.  It just warmed my heart.  We, as women, need to hear those things from our men. 
  • He eats my cooking.  The man deserves some kind of medal for that.  Oh, I have some decent meals that, when I make them, I am quite proud of myself.  But, other times?  Not so much.  Naked noodles and raw fish (this was last night…not good).  He just eats it. 
  • I could not have asked for a better daddy for my girls.  He plays outside in the snow or the heat.  Me?  I’m a “I’ll stand here at the kitchen window and watch, but please don’t make me go out in the heat” kind of mommy.  He kisses boo-boos and eats pretend soup and wrestles and dances in the living room. 
  • 99% of the time he is the first to say “I’m sorry” after an argument, regardless of who is at fault.
  • He encourages me to go shopping and even put a “Stacy – Shopping” category in our monthly budget.
  • He, being a Dave Ramsey fan from birth, married me with my outlandish car payment and 5 credit cards and helped me eliminate every bit of my debt.

Yes, today, I am thankful that God has a plan for my life and that it included Michael.


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