Just Plain Sweet!

I was listening to a Beth Moore study the other day on CD and she talked about times when God is just sweet.  We know that He is loving and powerful and does awesome things.  But, there are those times when He is just plain sweet…like when you’re running late and you hit all green lights.  Or it’s pouring down rain and there is an empty parking place right by the door.  Sometimes, He blesses us just because He is that kind of God.

Well, this week, I feel like He is just being sweet to me.  Going above and beyond as only He can do.  This week has been a week of blessings…big and small.  A huge one I hope to be able to share soon, but for now I will tell you of a small one. 

I had to get an eye exam today on my lunch break.  Normally, this would be stressful since the parking spots in our garage are sometimes hard to come by at odd hours.  However, my boss is not in the office today and I have permission to park in his spot.  So, I left with no worries about where I would park when I return.  That is not the sweet, wonderful thing though.  Right next door to the eye doctor…

That’s right, folks…Maggie Moo’s.  I drove back to work with the sun roof open, the wind in my hair, Nicole C. Mullen doing her thing on the radio and a cup of dark chocolate heaven in my hand and I couldn’t help but say…Thank you, God, for just being sweet to me today.

So, come on, leave a little note and let me know how God has been sweet to you this week!

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