Gratituesday: Extended Family


Last night, we had dinner with my husband’s side of the family…some of which I had not seen in years.  It was so much fun to sit and laugh and tell stories.  I just love being with family.  I love aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents.  It’s just fun.  So many personalities and hobbies and interests, but the common bond of love. 

Aunt Rachel gave Emily a stuffed tiger and Emily loves it.  She slept with it last night and told me all the way to school this morning that “it was very sweet of Rachel Ray to give her that tiger.” Okay, maybe I watch Food Network a little too much. 

So, today, I am thankful for family. 

I’m thankful for grandparents who drop everything to come babysit. 

I’m thankful for “Pa” who comes to my house to let the air conditioner guy in, or the plumber, or takes my car to the garage…who does a multitude of things to make my life easier.

I’m thankful for “Mamaw” who comes to my house on her day off while I’m at work and does my laundry…yes, I know I am blessed.  She loves to surprise me.  Just the other day, I came home from work to find that she had bought new curtains for my kitchen that I had been wanting for awhile.  They were ironed and hung and beautiful.

I’m thankful for “Yaya” and “Papa T” who call just to talk to the girls or who call on a Saturday and say “can we watch the girls while you all go out to dinner?”  I mean, seriously, the woman has a sixth sense.  I can not tell you how many times Michael and I have mentioned wanting to do something and minutes later the phone will ring and there is Yaya offering to babysit.

And my girls love going to “Granddad” and “Granny’s” house at Thanksgiving.  For weeks, Emily will talk about riding the golf cart around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights, chasing their dog around the house and playing in Granny’s HUGE bathtub.  Those will be some great memories.

Yes, today, I am truly thankful that we are blessed with wonderful extended family.

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2 thoughts on “Gratituesday: Extended Family

  1. What about your awesome brother and sister-in-law? lol
    Okay. I can see not being that thankful for your brother, but hello??? ;P

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