Nothing Wrong With Some Good Ol’ Fishsticks

I just had a bad day at work.  It was one of those days where everything I did seemed to be wrong and I just couldn’t wait to be at home.  So, I get in my car and I start thinking about what I could make for supper.  I thought making a nice meal for my family would make me feel better.  So I decided to make lasagna.  What family would not like to sit down to a nice pan of lasagna and a loaf of fresh garlic bread?  Sounds yummy, right?

So…I get started as soon as I get in the door.  I even let Emily be my helper.  We boil noodles, brown the beef and shred some cheese.  As we begin to assemble the lasagna in the pan, I notice that there is not quite enough meat sauce.  Hmmm…I’m sure it will be fine.  Then I realize I don’t have any foil to cover the dish before putting it in the oven.  Hmmm…that can’t be a big deal. 

On to the garlic bread.  I bought french bread this time because I thought I would make the garlic bread myself instead of buying the frozen like I normally do.  You know, the stuff my family loves.  But I wanted it to be special.  I slice the bread and butter both sides and sprinkle some garlic powder…did I say sprinkle?…ok, so the top came off of the garlic powder and it landed in a big pile that I tried to spread out the best that I could.  That’s not bad is it?  I mean, we like garlic.

The buzzer goes off and I pull the pan from the oven.  It just doesn’t look like lasagna should look.  The top is made of pale noodles (not enough sauce for the top layer) and the edges of the noodles are brown and crispy (no foil to cover prior to baking).  Not really much choice but to cut it, plate it and serve it.  I then pull the garlic bread out and put a piece on each plate.

Okay, everyone, supper is ready!

As everyone sits down I am careful not to make eye contact with anyone.  Did I mention that it didn’t exactly cut into squares like it should.  It was more of a pile of naked noodles with the occasional glimpse of beef and sauce.  Emily immediately goes for the bread (her favorite) and, as soon as her lips touch the crust, she says that it’s hot and begins gulping her milk.  Michael touches the bread.  It’s not hot.  She is obviously just being silly.  So, I take a bite and WHOA…garlic.  Lots of it.  Hmm…I guess I didn’t spread it as well as I thought.  Then I hear Michael crunching.   Crunching?  I look over to see his bread untouched.  He is crunching on his lasagna!

Now, I have a wonderful family and no one said a thing.  In fact, Ella cleaned her plate…bless her heart, she doesn’t know any better. 

I think I may stick to the meals that get rave reviews and shouts of “You’re the Best Cooker Ever!”

6 thoughts on “Nothing Wrong With Some Good Ol’ Fishsticks

  1. Tried and true cooking tip #1 –

    If you run out of foil to cover your lasagna, top the casserole dish with an upside-down cookie sheet.

  2. Tried and true cooking tip #2 –

    If you run out of sauce for your lasagna, fill the empty sauce jar about half full of warm water, close the lid, and shake well. This will get all the “extra” sauce from the sides and make a thin sauce. Then use that. The noodles will absorb the excess water. 😛

  3. Tried and true cooking tip #3 –

    First, tell Michael to stop loosening the lids on the spices. It is NOT that funny.

    Second, grab a butter knife and apply firm, even pressure while removing the top layer of bread. Begin again. lol

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