Wanna Wrassle?

Emily is all girl.  She loves her make-up…her painted toe nails…her princess costumes.  All Girl.

However…something hilarious happens at some point every evening.  The girls have had their baths.  The kitchen is clean.  The calm and quiet part of the day has arrived.  Ahhhh…

This is when Emily turns to Michael and says: Hey Dad.  You wanna wrassle.  Now, to get the full effect, you must say it properly.  Not wrestle.  Wrassle.  Yes, my daughter can drop kick, elbow drop, and body slam with the best of them.  And now…Ella has joined in.  Heaven help anyone, and I’m speaking from experience here, who lays on the living room floor for more than 60 seconds.  Apparently, in the wrassle world, this is implied consent that you wish to join in on the fun.

I will post some photos of this family fun later tonight…but will leave you with this.

Wanna Wrassle?

Sumo 2

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