Um…and Jesus.

Michael and I saw the funniest church sign as we were driving around the other day.  It was a small church and they were advertising VBS which was taking place this week.  The sign outside the church said…

Come to VBS…Inflatables, Games and More

Maybe it is just our sense of humor, but this made us laugh…as if they are going to lure folks in with the promise of fun and then sneak Jesus in once they have them inside the doors.  Or, maybe, the “and More” was supposed to include corn dogs, cotton candy and Jesus.  I don’t know.  It was good for a chuckle anyway.


On a different note…I’m struggling to come up with a proper name for this blog.  I think it should reflect my personality and interests and not just my name.  Hmm.  I am not much of a cook…oh, I try and I almost have myself convinced that when I am a stay-at-home mom I will suddenly be granted fabulous culinary skills…but, for the moment, instant mac-n-cheese and hot dogs are my friends.  I really do enjoy scrapbooking, though I have a really hard time keeping them up to date and the pages are not nearly as creative as I would like them to be.  I suggested the blog title of Crafty Lady and my husband thought Wannabe Crafty would be more appropriate.  He’s not really wrong and I’m still considering that one. 

I do love to shop.  Now that is something I do well.  Give me some money and a grande cafe mocha and point me to the mall. 

So, any ideas would be appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Um…and Jesus.

  1. How about “Dorktastic! – How to release your inner dork.”

    Just kidding! You know I love you. Even if you do scrapbook.

  2. Ok, you totally have your title from this post. It should be

    Inflatables, Games….and Jesus

    or something along those lines. I would hop over here based on that title alone.

    One word of (unsolicited!) advice tho – you might think about changing the name of your blog from Theedwards to the same title that you choose. For one thing, it’s probably not a good idea to throw around your last name, in case you end up with tons of readers (and your posts are great, so you will.) For another, it just leads to confusion and you have to be gentle to us with our momnesia.

    Seriously tho, that was probably advice number one given by the Mighty Blogging Three at She Speaks.

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