Pure Sweetness

I must admit that I am a pretty sound sleeper. 

It wasn’t always this way.  There was a point in time when I would be instantly awake if Emily sighed in her sleep.  When she was two and able to get out of bed…I would be awake before she even thought about leaving her bedroom.  However…this is simply no longer the case.  My eldest daughter talks in her sleep, sings in her sleep, grinds her teeth in her sleep, gets up in the middle of the night to potty…seriously.  If I woke up every time she made a noise, I would never sleep again. 

So, up until recently, I would often wake up with Emily in my bed and my husband on the couch (apparently, he does not like Emily’s feet in his face…go figure.)  Last week, however, we (meaning not me…but the poor man who had been bumped to the couch one too many times) decided it was time for her to stay in her own bed.  Emily had absolutely no problem with this and has been staying in her own room like the great little girl she is, only coming in periodically on Saturday mornings to say “Now can I have breakfast, please?” 

This past Saturday, however, something caused me to open my eyes to find Emily’s adorable face approximately an inch from mine.  The clock told me that it was only 3:00 in the morning, so I opened my mouth to tell her that she would have to get back in her bed for a while.  But then she whispered…

“I’m not gonna get in your bed.  I just brought Baby Horsie for you to sleep with.”

She placed the little horse gently on my pillow and turned quietly and walked back to her room.

Pure sweetness.

Baby Horsie…

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