Not as Handsome as My Daddy

There are just some moments that make you smile. While watching golf on Sunday, Emily said “That is Tiger Woods in the red shirt. He is handsome.” And I responded that yes, Tiger was indeed a handsome man. Emily then said…”But I don’t want to marry him cause he is not as handsome as my daddy.”

Emily used to have a little friend named Jackson and she would always tell her daddy that she was going to marry Jackson. However, her daddy told her that she was too young. Michael and Emily now have an arrangement that both parties seem perfectly content with. I asked Emily the other night if Jackson was still her boyfriend and she said “I can’t have a boyfriend because I’m not twenty and Daddy hasn’t picked him yet.” That’s right. Emily has agreed that she will not have a boyfriend until she is twenty years old and that, at that point, Michael will be allowed to pick him out. Hmm. Somehow, I don’t think she is going to be happy with that arrangement in about 10 or 11 years.


Ella is walking like a pro these days. No holding onto furniture or dropping to the floor every step or two. She is just full speed ahead. Her new word is “baby”. She says it every time she sees a picture of herself or looks into a mirror.


Sisters at Play…

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