Emily Faith

Emily has quickly learned the power of positive words.  She knows when she says something that is cute or funny. 

At night, when the girls are in the bathtub, we often pull out Emily’s “thankful book.”  This is basically a praise journal where Emily tells me what she is thankful for that day and I write it for her.  Eventually, we will transition into her writing these things for herself.  Often, when she is listing her blessings, she will pause and say…”This is going to be a sweet one.  Make sure you write it down.”  Ha!  And she’s right.  It is always a very sweet “I am thankful for Jesus” or “I am thankful that God loves me.”  I just love her.

Her new word is “awesome.”  Now, I thought this word was pretty much worn out in the late eighties, but apparently it is making a comeback…at least it is at our house.  Last night at dinner Emily looked at her daddy and said “You’re awesome, Daddy.  You look like a rock star.”  I’m not sure if she knows what a rock star is but, from the smile on her face, it was clearly a compliment.  Yes, Emily, your daddy is a rock star.

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